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2003 IEEE International
Workshop on Information Assurance

March 24th, 2003  –  Darmstadt, Germany

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About the Workshop

Workshop Program

0730 - 0845

Registration / Breakfast

0845 - 0900

Welcome / Introduction


Session I: Intrusion Detection I

0900 - 0930

Stochastic Protocol Modeling for Anomaly Based Network Intrusion Detection
Juan M. Estévez-Tapiador, Pedro García-Teodoro, and Jesús E. Díaz-Verdejo

0930 - 1000

Designing a Framework for ActiveWorm Detection on Global Networks
Vincent Berk, George Bakos, and Robert Morris

1000 - 1030

A Tamper-Resistant Framework for Unambiguous Detection of Attacks in User Space Using Process Monitors
Ramkumar Chinchani, Shambhu Upadhyaya, and Kevin Kwiat

1030 - 1100


1100 - 1145

Keynote Talk: Is Security a Software Engineering Issue?
Bertrand Meyer

Bertrand Meyer is professor of software engineering at ETH Zurich and founder of Eiffel Software. He has written a number of books including "Object-Oriented Software Construction"


Session II: Requirements and Metrics

1145 - 1215

Computational Complexity of the Network Routing Logical Security Assessment Process
Cedric Llorens, Denis Valois, Yannick Le Teigner, and Alexandre Gibouin

1215 - 1245

IT Design Critieria for Damage Reduction
Volker Hammer

1245 - 1400



Session III: Intrusion Detection II

1400 - 1430

Intrusion Detection Testing and Benchmarking Methodologies
Nicholas Athanasiades, Randal Abler, John Levine, Henry Owen, and George Riley

1430 - 1500

Intrusion Detection Force: An Infrastructure for Internet-Scale Intrusion Detection
Lawrence Teo, Yuliang Zheng, and Gail-Joon Ahn

1500 - 1530



Session IV: Systems and Applications

1530 - 1600

A Guard Architecture for Improved Coalition Operations
Timothy J. Gibson

1600 - 1630

Protecting the Integrity of an Entire File System
Fujita Tomonori and Ogawara Masanori



1630 - 1700

Using the Trees to find the Forest
John R. James and Frank Mabry

1700 - 1730


1730 - 1800

Closing Panel: Challenges for Information Assurance
Jack Cole and Stephen D. Wolthusen

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